Back from the Dread

I’ll admit right off the bat that I thought of this catchy title first (Back from the Dread). It barged to the forefront of my mind – elbowing it’s way through all my other potential (but far less superior) titles. I’m now fully committed and must create content. Here goes nothing…

It’s been absolutely forever since I last blogged about my journey into minimalism. In fact, I had to look up my username and password just to get in to write this morning. A lot has happened since we last spoke/wrote and read. What I found was that the more clutter I cleared out of my life, the easier it was to focus on the truly important things I had been putting off. Because of this, I ended up taking a break from blogging in order to do them. To be honest, I also took a break for Kira’s sake…she basically had an emotional breakdown when I moved the magnets off the fridge (the climax of a multi-week minimization that took the contents of our house and closets by storm). I would clear them off and come home to find them staring back at me once again – at some point you have to concede.

I’m happy to report that besides losing to fridge magnets, I got a ton of stuff done, completed my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), got married, turned 32, and backpacked through Europe for a month. Needless to say I’ve been busy, but I’m back! Back from the dread.

For years, I dreaded completing my degree – the time suck, the money…the barriers I kept running into when trying to find something that would work with my schedule. But something magical happens when you decide to buckle down and put all of your energy into making something happen…IT HAPPENS.

This morning I found the magnets staring at me (or I at them, or at each other)…but at a different person. A slightly older person, a person with another degree, a person with a ring on their finger from my (magnetic) other half, and a person with amazing memories and stories of our recent travels together. Life is good – but lets be honest…even when it’s bad it’s good – after all, we’re ALIVE.

The magnets have also changed…Kira bought more in Europe. Point being, everything and everyone evolves. Evolution (in mind, body…and in your inanimate objects) means you’re really living. Never stop changing, reaching, and discovering. Dread is temporary, and what comes after is quite extraordinary – so for goodness sakes, do whatever it is that you’re dreading to do – and do it NOW (you’ll be glad you did)!








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