In the Closet

Figuratively speaking, I’m completely out of the closet – unabashedly so. However, I was hiding layers of stuff (in the form of sheet sets, scrubs, towels, and blankets) in my real closet. Ah – ye olde hall closet. Let’s admit it, literally or figuratively speaking – we’re all hiding something in our closets. I mean, the very purpose of a closet is to hide away things which we do not wish to see every day, every week, or in some cases – every year or so. For generations, in addition to closets, people have hoarded away stuff into junk into drawers, cabinets, basements, and attics (really, anywhere negative space exists).

The sad state of my closet was one of the things that helped nudge me into minimalism. A few weeks ago, I reached the point at which I could no longer stuff anything into the closet without it falling out (not even a hand towel, I tried repeatedly); It seemed only natural (prior to my conversion) to purchase space bags in order to compress it’s contents…with plans to stuff even more stuff into it. I tell you, the act of standing in line at Costco (space bags in hand) was a turning point for me. I had even further time to contemplate my purchase (and what it meant) while standing in line for my very berry sundae at the food court…and again at the receipt checking line. By the time I got to my car, a hard line in the sand was drawn (the sand court in my head where all such decisions are made…with all the dramatics of  a movie like Ben-Hur). From henceforth, I will stuff my closet no more!

Space bags are pretty great though.

Want to de-clutter your closet? Try Project 333!





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