I like dressing up, especially for meetings. There are many sides to nursing, one of which is patient advocacy by way of inpatient committees. I’m fortunate enough to to be the Chair of one such committee. This means I get to dress up fancy-like once a month and talk with my peers and hospital administrators about the changes we envision. We do create change – often in very subtle ways, but moving towards your goals (no matter how fast or slow) is progress.

When it comes to wearing fancier than normal attire, I wear collared shirts. I do own three dresses, however I only wear them when on vacation in tropical places. Out of the question for meetings and my general day-to-day life. Why you ask – because that’s just a rule I’ve made for myself based on feeling, not logic – that’s why.

Moving on – I had 26 collard shirts. I was able to part with 14. I’m sure I’ll part with more later, but it was a good start. Not to worry, I still have plenty of fancy clothes to wear.

Before – 26 fancy shirts:


After – 12 fancy shirts:





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