So Far

No matter what your situation is, it can always be viewed from different perspectives. The last week or so I’ve been clearing out the clutter in my life, but at a much slower pace. I suspect my change in pace is due to the fervor of a newly discovered lifestyle¬†wearing down to the fervor of a current lifestyle (less fervor, more routine). Additionally, I’ve had a few work projects taking up my time. And to be really honest, I’ve also been lazy.

But instead of saying “so far, I’ve only taken two and a half car loads of stuff to Goodwill and given a couch away”, I choose to say “I’ve come so far” – I really have.

Often times, the most important changes we make are internal ones. My perspective on the material things in my life is completely different than it was a couple months ago. I now see it as stuff, I see several anchors holding me back from being free. But, I’m at peace with the fact that external changes reflecting the internal changes I’ve already made will take time – especially since I have a lot of stuff to go through.

To everybody out there evolving to something better, reaching for something more (inward or outward) – may you be at peace with the fact that change takes time. Progress without a little regress is not human – in fact,¬†“to err is human; to forgive, divine” (Alexander Pope, “Essay on Criticism”).



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