O’er the land of the free and home of the DVD

Like many of you thirty-somethings out there, Kira and I started our DVD libraries back in college. Collecting a few here, and a few there; at the time, it was pretty much the only way to keep our favorite flicks on hand. Back in my day (said in an elderly voice)…there was no such thing as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc. We actually had to buy our movies on a disk and insert them into a rectangular machine. Gone the way of records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, and laser disks – DVDs are now considered old school. Even back when they were new school, I think I liked the idea of having my favorite movies around me more then I liked watching them.

When our DVD libraries merged together back in 2006, we had a ton of DVDs on our hands. Despite this, we still held onto our duplicates (movies that we had purchased separately before pairing up)…you know, in case we scratched one or lost one. Then something horrible happened, our DVDs had DVD children (twins, quadruplets, and sextuplets), several seasons of our favorite TV series.

Over the years since, we’ve moved our collectively massive DVD library from one house to another along with the rest of our stuff. To date, I think we’ve actually watched a total of twenty DVDs while the others have been sitting in crates, neatly stacked and collecting dust…waiting for someone to watch them.

Patients in hospitals have a lot of down time; they wait for meals, for nurses, for doctors, for assessments, for diagnostic tests, for a diagnosis, and finally for discharge. In their uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation, movies become quite a commodity – something to pass the time in-between the things for which they wait. Our unit offers a handful of DVDs and VHS tapes via a meager and outdated library (aka drawer). Horrible b movies like a ratty VHS of a Jane Austen-esque movie, and a couple scratched anime DVDs in Japanese. I’ve found myself wishing on several different occasions that we had something more to offer.

Fortunately, I knew someone with a ton of DVDs they didn’t want, ME! Not sure why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. The shift in my perspective regarding the stuff in my life has led me to several simple solutions to some of the chronic problems plaguing myself (and in this case, others). If it were up to just me, I would have donated them all to the hospital – however, Kira wanted to hold on to a few (for now).

Ready to let go of your own DVD collection?

Before 117 movies, 27 TV seasons:



After 28 movies, 5 TV seasons:


Our hospital unit’s new DVD library:



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