There’s something really great about spending hours shopping for products online and bouncing back and forth between sites until you zero in on the best deal. A few days later, your purchase magically appears on your doorstep (not gonna lie, it’s kind of like Christmas)! No parking, no lines, no people bumping into your bags. I’ll admit it – I love online shopping, but I really hope to make this passion a past tense.

Years of shopping in this manner has repeatedly filled my inbox with junk mail from the very companies I love. So much junk mail that I stopped deleting it and scrolled past it instead. This created two problems: 1) I often missed important e-mails that I actually wanted to read, and 2) It made my inbox so overwhelming that I never wanted to check it. This was of course ridiculous, as I knew exactly how to label the mail as junk (preventing them from being delivered to my inbox in the future); I also know how to delete e-mail. For some reason, I didn’t do much of either. This leads me to my number: 4,501 unread embarrassing.

It took me about an hour, but I deleted all the junk and labeled it as such. Going forward I have committed myself to deleting all non-essential e-mails upon arrival.

Inbox Minimalism




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  1. Isaac April 25, 2014 at 12:45 am #

    Youcan create another email address for all things other than personal contact. That way you won’t get more junk. You can also use this really cool service called MaskMe that will create random email addresses for any web site, subscription or otherwise that will forward to your real address. If you start getting too much it’s super easy to tell it to stop forwarding.

    • havilah April 25, 2014 at 5:01 am #

      Thanks for the info, my bro!