Our old house (built in 1909) has plenty of built-ins. Built-ins are amazing architecturally; they also encourage inhabitants like us to stuff junk in some and display beautiful things in others. Liquor bottles are beautiful things and we have plenty of them. Neither of us are party animals by any means, our idea of a fun night usually entails bra-lessness and  sweat pants. In fact, the last time we cracked open a bottle was at our ugly sweater holiday party last year. However Рwhen in the mood for a party (or a bender), we are well prepared.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t get rid of the liquor all-together, I just moved most of it into the cabinet below. I did this for two reasons: 1) throwing away that much liquor would be wasteful, and 2) an artist without a medium is unable to produce art…Kira (now a multidimensional entrepreneur) is a former bartender…a really good one.






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