Now that I’ve de-cluttered all that is digital in my life, my mission is to go through my possessions every day until I’ve filtered through them all. I plan on counting everything in order to bring to the very forefront of my mind how much stuff I truly have. I think I will be shocked, and hopefully disgusted. Disgusted enough to never again buy things I do not need. Today I went straight for the jugular – shoes.

I have a bit of a shoe addiction. I don’t wear heels, but I have several styles of everything else (sneakers, sandals, oxfords, etc). I even have brand new duplicates of certain pairs – you know, in case one pair gets dirty or torn or lost. They have been scattered under the far-reaches of my bed and stacked high on the shelves of my closet for far too long!

I gathered them all (it took several trips) and dumped them onto my dining room floor. I then organized them into pairs – counting down the rows. Fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven –  I had 57 pairs of shoes. Shocking and disgusting, yes. Who needs 57 pairs of shoes? Apparently I thought I did, though I never stopped to count them.

Then came the hard part, deciding which to get rid of and which to keep. Of course there were a few pairs that I had no problem parting with, but with every pair I took away it became increasingly more difficult to pick the next. This is the point at which my mind started picturing myself hiking though the villages of Nepal wearing my Chaco sandals, and needing my dressy RL flats at the next summer wedding I might attend, and needing my extra pair of hiking shoes when I need to hike but don’t want to wear my favorite pair of hiking shoes. Come on brain! Not only do I not have a trip to Nepal planned – and possibly never will, but in what rare situation would I not want to wear my favorite pair of hiking shoes when hiking?! It’s Ridiculous – the irrational inner dialogue that occurs when trying to part with something we’ve been holding onto for any length of time.

After about thirty minutes (and  a moderate amount of hemming and hawing), I’m happy to say I fought myself and won! I now have 23 pairs of shoes that I’m pretty sure I need. I’m also sure that as I become more and more comfortable letting the stuff in my life go, I will let go of more shoes.

Before (57 shoes):


After (23 shoes):




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