Day 1: A Simple Start

Ok, so I’ve read a bunch of great essays on minimalism and I’ve achieved maximum motivation. But where does one start? Yesterday I looked around at all of my stuff and instantly felt overwhelmed. After 31 years of accumulation, there is literally a TON of stuff to go through. I was tempted to get a dumpster and toss everything in it. But, not only would that be incredibly wasteful (and most likely cause much regret in hindsight), but ripping off the bandaid isn’t always best.

The import thing in this case isn’t the destination, but the journey. I mean, to be honest, do any of us ever reach our destinations? Instead of picturing a destination (which suggests an end point), I picture different levels of achievement in a never ending continuum of progress (or regress). We’re all on different levels of a personally defined continuum of life. Of course, we usually have a destination in mind – but few of us ever arrive. Perhaps that’s best – it means we’re always growing and changing and reaching for something more (or less) than we were before. Not more¬†stuff,¬†but a deeper level of understanding, better relationships, better health, a sense of peace. In this case (and in my personal continuum) less is truly more. less stuff, more introspective.

At any rate, I still needed to identify a starting point. Instead of physically going through stuff, I decided to start with the non-physical clutter in my life. My iphone, my desktop, and my inbox.




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