I have two amazing Boston Terriers. The oldest, Harley – very gentle, independent, sensitive, and intuitive. The youngest, Penelope – quite the opposite. She’s a rough and tumble type, but surprisingly dependent. She’s always at our feet, but isn’t that affected by the moods of those around her. Pretty ying and yang as a pair – but like most dogs, they both LOVE toys. Over their combined 6.5 years of life, we have amassed quite a collection of them. We don’t have human children, so much like baby’s first rattle, first ball, first whatever – we’ve held onto Harley and Penelope’s firsts (in addition to 100+ other toys). We kept buying toys because they seemed to be bored with the ones they had. In actuality, it’s more likely that a) they were simply overwhelmed by the choices, and b) they couldn’t easily locate what they actually wanted to play with.

Yesterday, I made it my mission to drastically reduce the number of toys left out. I say left out, because although I did throw away tons of toys (mostly unstuffed, or dismembered) I packed some away for later. I swear some of the toys were looking straight into my soul, pleading for their life (see picture of monkey below). If it were up to just me I would have thrown away/given away more, but some decisions are not mine alone to make. Kira (my better half…also my hoarding half) insisted on keeping some around. The compromise was to keep the remainder out of sight, packed away for future toy rotations.

I’m happy to report that Harley and Penelope are doing just fine post transition. If anything, they’re playing with them more – and I’m sure they’ll be excited when we replace their current toys with “new” toys a month from now.

Need some tips on letting go of sentimental items?

Before (148 toys):



After (7 toys):


A non-descript monkey pleading for his life (I spared him, though other toys without eyes were not so lucky)


The drama:

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